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About Disneyland

There cannot be many of you out there that do not know at least a little about Disneyland. Opened in 1955, Disneyland is the dream come true of Mr. Walt Disney the father of Mickey Mouse and the entire Disney empire. Disney is the theme park of theme parks with eight themed areas: Main Street U.S.A, Adventureland, New Orleans Square, Critter Country, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Mickey's Toon Town, and Tomorrowland. Disneyland is known as the "Happiest Place on Earth." Children of all ages have a experienced the magic of the "Magic Kingdom." Dismeyland has evolved and changed greatly over the years, as some attractions have been retired, replaced, or re-imagineered.

Ghost Stories:

Disneyland has enchanted many people through the years, some people seemed to have liked it so much, they have decided to stay post mortem.

There is a rumor that Walt Disney himself haunts many location in Disneyland, most notably his old appartment over the Fire Station on Main Street. An employee was in the old appartment to dust. As she left, she turned off the lights. When she noticed the lights were still on she returned to the second floor and turned them off again, assuming she had forgotten to turn them off the first time. Again, when she reached the first floor, she noticed the lights were on again. She went back upstairs to see what was going on, when she got up there, a voice told her "Don't forget, I am still here." They leave the light on for Walt now as a tribute to him. (Or if you prefer, he just won't let them turn it off).

There is a storeroom somewhere behind where the magic shop is on main street that is said to have one been an office that Walt Disney used. There have been reports of cold spots and eerie feelings in that room.

The stockroom above the emporium is said to be haunted, especially near the "hanger wall." Employee was in there, someone jumped up as if to scare her, when she turned, there was no one there. Also, an employee was putting a PVC figures on shelves and one shelf fell over (can someone say gravity?)

The Disney Gallery (Above Pirates of the Caribbean), as well as the stockrooms above the New Orleans Square shops, are said to be haunted by Walt, his wife, and a woman named Mary.

Both Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion have the same legend associated with them, which if either is true is unclear. A young boy who loved the ride died young. His mother wanted to scatter his ashes at the ride site, but Disneyland refused. She decided to sneak in and scatter the ashes on the ride despite their refusal. Ever since then, the ride is said to be haunted by that little boy. Which ride? I have no idea. However, he is said to sit at the exit of Haunted Mansion and cry.

We heard this story from a ride operator on Pirates of the Caribbean. A coworker of his is said to have gone on the pre-opening ride to check to make sure that everything was working. As he was going through the ride he swears there was a little boy or a little girl in the boat with him.

The darkest area of the ride, known as "Transition Tunnel" is said to produce odd noises and even giggling when the ride is turned off and there is no soundtrack running.

Club 33 (the exclusive club that is in New Orleans Square near POTC and the Blue Bayou) is also said to be haunted.

A boy is said to be seen on the ride cameras of POTC, but he cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Tom Sawyers Island is said to be haunted by the ghost (or ghosts) of a graduating high school senior(s) that drowned while trying to swim to the island across the Rivers of America at a Grad Nite celebration at the park. Additionally there are said to be children that haunt the island itself. Cast members have seen children running around after the island is to be closed. The employees glimpse the children running, but when they look for them, they are never found.

The Matterhorn side B (The side on the right as you are looking at it from loading station) is said to be haunted by the ghost of "Dolly." Dolly was a mother who went on the ride with her children. She was worried about them so she undid her seat belt and turned to look at them. The train went into a sharp decline (now known as Dolly's Dip) and was thrown from the train and run over by the next bobsled.

It's a Small World is said to be haunted by either employees or guests that loved the ride so much they decided to come back. Manifestations include the figures moving on there own after they have been shut down. There is a story about a mechanic after having been fired by Disneyland, snuck back into the ride and was living there for a few days before he was discovered.

A figure is seen standing near Sleeping Beauty's Castle long after the park has closed.

The Peoplemover (now removed from Tomorrowland) was said to be haunted by the ghost of a teenage boy that tried to jump from the car as it was moving along the tracks. He was dragged under the car to his death. As he was being dragged he reached up to his girlfriends blonde hair. He is said to manifest himself usually to girls with long blonde hair who feel him tugging on their hair.

We have a few more accounts from employees we interviewed on our last visit.

Our Review

Disneyland may very well be the Happiest Place on Earth. There are so many rides that I can go on again and again and still enjoy. While I think the parking situation is a convoluted (and some of the signs directing you there from the highway are slightly convoluted) but it is a great place to visit every year or so for young and old. We did not get to go to Tom Sawyer's Island the last time we were there because it was closed. We enjoyed the Haunted Mansion Holiday, but prefer the original. We wish they would not have added some of the changes they made to Pirates of the Caribbean by adding Jack Sparrow and company to the ride. Sometimes people should just leave things the way they were. Maybe someday we will get a chance to ask the ghosts what they think of the changes that have been made to the park over the years.

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